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Twitter Seizes @x Handle Without Warning or Compensation

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The @x Twitter handle’s owner verified that the business, now known as X, took over his account without giving him any prior notice or money in exchange, claiming the handle is X’s property. The corporate photography and videography business Orange Photography’s Gene X Hwang had previously had the handle.

The organization formerly known as Twitter congratulated Hwang for his commitment in a letter and extended an invitation to visit its headquarters and a selection of X swag as a “reflection of our appreciation.”

One of several botched steps in renaming Twitter to X, owner Elon Musk’s favorite letter, needs to be corrected for the @ x handle. Twitter reportedly failed to acquire the intellectual property rights to the “X” brand because Microsoft, Meta, and other parties claim ownership of numerous “X” trademarks.

Additionally, it needed official approval to remove the Twitter signage from the building, which required police to halt their work. The website and mobile app weren’t completely updated; despite the “X” on them, they still urged visitors to “search Twitter” or press a button to “Tweet.”

Additionally, as TechCrunch just discovered, it didn’t make an advance effort to obtain the @x Twitter handle. As a result, Twitter’s account was renamed to “X,” but the username remained “@Twitter” up to this day.

Given the corporate rebranding, Hwang was surprised the company hadn’t contacted him about the @x account he owned and had put it private. However, he stated he would be open to a conversation with the corporation if they desired the handle.

Popular online usernames typically fetch thousands of dollars in compensation when sold on secondary markets. The handle was taken away from Hwang; nevertheless, it turns out that no monetary compensation was provided.

Of course, Twitter is correct, but the conclusion could be better for the owner.
When Twitter changed its official handle to @x, and Hwang tweeted from his new account, @x1234567998765, we covered the corporate takeover of the @x handle earlier today.

Hwang informs us. He received a letter from X informing him that he would be given a new handle since the @x account is connected to X Corp.. According to the business, all his information, including his followers and the following information, would be transferred to his new account. Alternatively, he might reply to the email and inform X of his preferred handle. In appreciation, the business gave him merchandise and an HQ tour if he wanted to meet the X team.

Hwang said, “I did always feel like this was something that could happen.” He claimed to be happy with how it turned out, thus the tweet.
It did have a lot of worth to me, so it would have been wonderful if they had made up for it, but things are what they are, he laments. Hwang joked, “Maybe I should ask for the bird from the sign since they were taking that down yesterday too.”

The previous owner of @x appears to be laughing it off after losing a unique and lucrative online identity, but Twitter isn’t what it once was. A one-letter username on X may not be worth much, considering that the company’s future is still being determined following the destruction of potentially enormous amounts of brand value.

Given that Musk fired most of the employees, changed the product, turned off some Twitter features, and then renamed the business, it is now amusing that Musk even purchased Twitter in the first place. Then, just what did he wish to purchase? All he needs is the tools and a method to connect with his followers. Source

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