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Tobin Bell’s ‘Saw X’ Trailer: Unleashing Disturbing Signature Game!

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The Saw X teaser shows Tobin Bell reprising his role as serial murderer Jigsaw while dressing in his trademark fashion and engaging in the most horrific game of his life. Last October, Makers Lionsgate released a formal statement announcing Bell’s return to the franchise.

According to the statement, the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures film aims to please Saw fans by incorporating their favorite franchise elements and introducing new traps and a brand-new mystery. Tobin Bell’s return to the franchise is seen as a step towards achieving this goal.

Bell’s portrayal of the psychopath serial murderer first appeared in 2004’s Saw. After the third episode of the horror series, his character passed away. However, he continued to play the same character in the flashback scenes of the remaining sequels.

Saw X Official Trailer

Two years after the release of the last episode, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, which had Chris Rock as the primary character, Saw X will be in theaters. For the eleventh installment of Saw, Bell, 80, returns to play the gruesome and intimate game of his life.

To obtain treatment for his disease, the 80-year-old actor flies to Mexico for a dangerous medical operation. This time, the actor will reveal the hidden chapter connected to Saw 1 and Saw 3. He learns, however, that the operation was a total con.

Jigsaw now intends to lay a fresh trap against the con artists to give them a lesson in his manner. On September 27, 2023, a global premiere of Saw X, starring Tobin Bell, is planned, according to Variety. Source

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