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Fed’s Powell Advocates Tighter Monetary Policy to Control US Inflation

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In a concerning development, Chairman Jerome Powell of the US Federal Reserve stated on Friday that the institution is poised to raise and maintain interest rates to Control US Inflation.

Addressing Inflationary Concerns

Powell emphasized the Fed’s readiness to implement further rate hikes as appropriate. He also asserted the intention to uphold a restrictive policy stance until confidence in the sustainable decline of inflation toward the targeted objective is gained. Per his prepared remarks, these statements were delivered during a central banking conference in Wyoming.

The Persistence of Inflation

Despite a sequence of 11 interest rate increases within fewer than 18 months, the benchmark lending rate in the US now resides within a range of 5.25% to 5.5%. Remarkably, this is the highest level observed over the past 22 years.

However, the rapid cycle of rate adjustments has not definitively quelled inflation. Inflation remains entrenched above the Fed’s long-term target of 2% despite registering a significant slowdown from the recent multi-decade highs.

Exploration at the Jackson Hole Retreat

According to the organizing organization, the Kansas City Fed, this year’s annual retreat of central bankers at Jackson Hole will focus on analyzing “structural shifts in the global economy.”

Notable Participation

Prominent figures in central banking are scheduled to participate in the symposium. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde will address the gathering on Friday afternoon. Additionally, senior central bankers representing the United Kingdom and Japan will contribute to a panel discussion slated for Saturday.

Reiterating the 2% Objective

During the Jackson Hole retreat, Powell underscored the Fed’s unwavering commitment to its 2% inflation target. He articulated that this goal remains a steadfast cornerstone of the institution’s approach.

Pursuit of Stability

He further stressed that achieving price stability is essential to ushering in a sustained phase of robust labor market conditions that benefit the broader populace. Powell concluded by affirming the Fed’s dedication to persist until the objective is effectively attained.

Diverging Views and the Path Forward

As Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole approached, analysts and policymakers held divergent views regarding the likelihood of a 12th interest rate increase in response to tackling inflation at the upcoming rate-setting meeting scheduled for September within the Fed.

Positive Economic Indicators

Unexpectedly strong job market performance and economic growth in recent months indicate that the US economy is better than economists had anticipated earlier in the year. Initial predictions had hinted at a potential recession for the United States.

Insights from Powell’s Address

During his speech, Powell disclosed that the Fed’s projections point to a slight annual uptick in July’s personal consumption expenditures price index (PCE). The institution’s preferred indicator shows an increase in July from the previous month’s 3% to an annual rate of 3.3%. Inflation figures, excluding volatile food and energy prices, have also risen.

Anticipating Official Figures

Official figures are slated for release by the Commerce Department on Thursday, providing comprehensive insights into the prevailing inflationary trends.

Expectations for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting

Futures traders are currently assigning a probability of nearly 85% for the Fed to opt for a rate pause in the subsequent Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, scheduled for September 19–20. These projections are derived from data sourced from CME Group.

Powell’s Prudent Approach

If the deceleration of price increases persists and the Fed maintains the current interest rates, policymakers could find themselves in a situation where real, inflation-adjusted interest rates experience an ascent. This scenario could prolong the slowdown of the US economy, raising concerns of a possible recession.

Caution Amid Uncertainty

Notably, despite the possibility of further rate hikes, Powell urged caution as the Fed navigates the road ahead. He emphasized the need for a cautious approach in light of the substantial progress achieved thus far.

The upcoming meetings will be pivotal for careful evaluation as the Fed analyzes incoming data and assesses the evolving outlook and associated risks.

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