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Constructor Upgrades eCommerce Platform with Product Discovery Tool

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Constructor has launched a new solution for enterprise eCommerce organizations to improve product discovery and search result relevancy. As per press release published by the company on Wednesday (July 26th), the new Attribute Enrichment corrects and automatically enriches product attributes by combining raw product catalog data with customer behavioral data.

Constructor CEO Eli Finkelshteyn said, “Constructor helps eCommerce companies turn their websites and apps into personal shopping assistants,” and “our new Attribute Enrichment solution is an important part of this.”

With attribute enrichment, eCommerce businesses can guarantee that their product catalogs are accurately categorized and classified, increase average order value and revenue per visitor by showing customers the most alluring products, and boost customer satisfaction by giving customers and shoppers a better experience when looking for products, according to the press release.

According to the announcement, the solution uses machine vision and other AI-powered techniques to develop and connect new qualities with products based on consumer behavior, enhancing product discoverability and relevance.

Business-wise, eCommerce enterprises can reduce time spent manually enriching and harmonizing chores while improving their search engine optimization (SEO) results with more precise product descriptions.

Finkelshteyn stated, “We want to ensure we’ll deliver the most compelling results to our customers and their shoppers, even when their product catalogs aren’t ideal.

In an interview with PYMNTS published in September 2021, Finkelshteyn stated that Constructor seeks to personalize the search and discovery process for the shop and its client base by using data like how Netflix and Spotify develop suggestions.

Finkelshteyn stated then that he wanted to develop an online discovery experience that is just as good as those in physical stores. He added that the results get better with each search, and the AI learns how different sorts of people purchase.

“Somebody’s going to figure that out, and as they figure it out, it’s going to give a much better experience for all retailers and all users, and we’d like to be at the forefront of that,” Finkelshteyn stated.

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