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Cardiologists Bet on AI Heart Scan for Future Heart Disease

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A health technology startup called Fountain Life has created a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) coronary artery scan that can find heart disease long before symptoms appear. This ground-breaking outpatient technique includes injecting a simple dye into a vein, followed by a fast CAT scan of the heart.

Following the scan data analysis, AI technology provides insightful data about heart health, including the detection of plaque accumulation.

The AI coronary artery scan by Fountain Life can identify heart attack risks three, five, or even ten years before symptoms appear by providing a non-invasive alternative to conventional methods. Thanks to this early detection, individuals can take proactive steps to reverse heart disease and enhance their general cardiovascular health.

Fountain Life intends to collaborate with doctors to increase the accessibility of its AI health services. The business focuses on the early diagnosis and prevention of chronic illnesses to change the healthcare paradigm from one that is reactive to one that is proactive. The AI model employed in the scans is trained on large datasets that include asymptomatic diseases to improve accuracy and dependability.

Fountain Life provides a thorough full-body MRI that uses AI technology to detect different abnormalities, including cancer and neurogenerative illnesses, in addition to the heart scan.

Cardiologists know how AI might aid in early diagnosis and help with therapy choices. Patients who have had the AI coronary artery scan have been incredibly appreciative of this cutting-edge technology’s ability to save lives.

By utilizing AI as a potent tool to improve cardiologists’ diagnostic abilities, Fountain Life seeks to supplement the work of cardiologists. The clinical latency gap and pricing methods may be obstacles to the widespread application of AI in healthcare.

However, Fountain Life is still devoted to enhancing results by tackling health issues at their source.The AI artery scan has a very low risk because it only exposes the patient to low-dose radiation, around the same as on a transatlantic flight.

Fountain Life aims to enable people to live long, healthy lives by actively controlling their heart health by making early diagnosis inexpensive and accessible. Source

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